Humans really are meant to move and kids, in particular, have a lot of energy to burn. So why do we ask kids to sit at a desk all day?

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Our goal is to make active sitting freely available to schools throughout the US, and the world.

One Awesome Chair

Research shows that students who have the opportunity for more movement in the classroom experience:

Increased Calorie Burn
Improved Test Scores
Increased Movement
Reduction In BMI Percentile


Where do I find one?

If you are up for a fun project, you can choose from two methods for making your own chair. If you’d like to purchase one that’s already cut out and ready for easy assembly, we have that option too.

CNC Router

Using a CNC router to cut the chair pieces. Get as many as six chairs from one standard sheet of plywood.

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Traceable Pattern

No CNC router? No problem! Print out our design, trace it on your plywood, and cut with a jigsaw or even a hand saw.

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Buy One

We'll ship you a box with all of the pieces. Assembly takes about five minutes and requires no tools.

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ButtOn Chair Features

Handy-Dandy Handle

A handle built into the leg for easy carrying.

No Glue or Screws

We designed special joinery so the pieces just snap together. Just bang it together with a rubber mallet, no fasteners necessary.

Non-Slip Seat

Our seat is textured so students won’t slip off while they’re rocking. Also included in the box is a 1/2" thick, blue seat pad for cushioning.

Adjustable Height

We offer three different sizes, but if a child is in between the sizes, we provide guiding marks on the legs so you can saw them off to be the correct size.


By using an old tennis ball or lacrosse ball, we offer active sitting on the cheap.


Teach kids how to either build a chair from a computer file or from hand tool instructions.

Download Designs

You’ll get an email from us with a link to the CNC router files, the pattern for hand tools, and other helpful resources for building your own ButtOn Chair.

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We're Starting a Sitting Revolution...

The ButtOn Chair is designed to keep kids
moving – but while seated at their desk.